O2 News Update: O2 Refresh

O2 Refresh Phone Contract

O2 news update: O2 have launched O2 Refresh, a new type of contract where customers have separate contracts and charges for their phone and airtime allowances.

O2 have launched their new ‘Refresh’ scheme that allows customers to upgrade their phones as regularly as phones are upgraded. In addition to this they have added a scheme wherein customers can send their receipt off and receive £50 cashback.

“Customers signing up to the operator’s Refresh tariff costing £17 a month or more can submit their receipt to receive £50 cashback.

O2 has become the latest partner to sign up to the Snap & Save facility from TopCashback.co.uk, enabling customers to receive cashback on purchases made.

The operator’s promotion went live this week, offering customers £50 cashback on in-store purchases of any O2 Refresh tariff that costs £17 a month or more.

Customers can receive the offer by taking a picture of their receipt on their phone and uploading it via the Snap & Save platform. They can also submit their receipt through an app downloadable from the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

O2 joins other retailers including Currys, WHSmith, Waterstone’s and H&M in partnering up with the new platform. Since its launch four months ago, a quarter of a million receipts have been submitted by users in exchange for cashback.
TopCashback head of communications Natasha-Rachel Smith said: “Snap & Save processes the largest volume of mobile voucher receipts, making its consumer insight data the most comprehensive in its sector. It also carries a host of advantages unmatched by printable vouchers, including fewer middlemen and faster processing speeds, which is why businesses recognise its strength to steer footfall in-store, drive their offline sales forward and re-energise the high street.”

O2 Refresh is set to be very successful, having been available for about two months now and 90% of O2’s new and upgrading customers choosing this service. In theory it is very appealing, O2 advertise it very well but it is important to remember that nothing is ever free or necessarily as appealing as it first sounds – there is still an outstanding balance to pay on the contract it’s just a smaller amount because they’ve split the contract into two parts.

For more information on the products and services offered by O2, call the O2 contact number and speak with a member of their customer services department. The customer service assistants will be able to assist you whether you are a new or existing customer looking to sign up to either a normal contract or a Refresh contract.

This article was originally sourced from www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk.

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