O2 News Update: O2 Launch Cat-Dog Ad Campaign

Be More Dog

O2 news update: O2 launch new ad campaign to encourage their new & existing customers to embrace new and innovative services O2 will be offering this summer.

The UK public are renowned for their love of animals – it was a dog that was crowned champion in one year’s series of the talent show, Britain’s Got Talent – and telecommunications company O2 have tuned into this love and have launched a brand new, £10m add campaign portraying a cat being ‘a bit more dog’.

The movement towards 4G is an undertone to all mobile phone providers at the moment and this advertising campaign aims to encourage O2 customers to embrace the new service. The advert articulates the thoughts of a feline who realises the benefits of optimising their more active, ‘dog-like’ attitude.

While O2 have been quoted on The Guardian website as wanting to encourage their customers to ‘embrace their inner dog’ because the advert aims to inject some enthusiasm and reduce scepticism and reluctance to change that is so synonymous with the UK public.

There is an element of exhaustion and cynicism surrounding the development of technology these days, there is almost too much development for the public to deal with; the excitement created around the launch of a new product is minimal because these products are released far too regularly.

The campaign ‘be more dog’ is trying to get the public to embrace new things – try something you haven’t tried before, embrace innovation. 4G is part of this and if the phone companies get their customers on board, it will be a great success but it’s so easy for the public to adopt the attitude of ‘why change and develop when what we’ve got is good enough’.

‘Be more dog’ will be promoted over a variety of mediums; press and poster adverts as well as on the television and online. The poster campaigns will contain slogans such as ‘life’s a stick – go chase it’ which connotes dogs, excitement, running, achieving something and so on. Additionally, it will mark O2’s most significant social media campaign. The online adverts will go live on 4th July and then onto the television and cinema screens from the 6th.
O2 are taking the whole campaign very seriously and have assigned a team to monitor the videos that ‘trend’ on YouTube and this team will ‘drop dog bombs’ when those now infamous cat videos are viewed. O2 are aiming to infiltrate the cat market to encourage them to ‘be more dog’ as well as using the phrase metaphorically for their personal 4G campaign.
VCCP are the advertising agency responsible for this campaign and they have a series of waves planned for the campaign. These waves will occur throughout this summer and will promote things in addition to their 4G service.

O2 are not the first company to use cats and dogs in their advertising campaigns, the favoured household pets touch customers’ hearts and work with a company’s image to promote certain characteristics.

For more information on any of the products and services offered by O2, contact the O2 customer service department and speak with one of their customer service assistants.

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