O2 News Update: Happy Employees, Happy Customers

O2 News Update

O2 news update: O2 have recently found that when members of their customer service team are happy and well equipped their service improves.

In this day and age keeping customer satisfaction high is a major component to any company. It has evolved from simply helping customers get from point A to point B but is now about making sure the journey is as fast, smooth and reliable as possible. However achieving this goal can be hard for the employees who work the phones, live chats and emails everyday. Things don’t always go to plan such as trains being cancelled or your have a problem with your new phone. In these frustrating times the staff members you communicate with must be able to make helpful, fast suggestions so your issue is sorted as quickly as possible. Offering this service is becoming increasing difficult for customer service teams. Customers are now well informed through social media which can now more up to date than companies own management systems. Therefore customers now expect information to be readily available in real time. If not it can lead to frustration and the customer finding out information on their own.

O2 Customer Service Improvements

As technology is evolving it makes sense to provide workers with the best tools possible as their disposable to improve their service. Recently O2 have discovered that members of staff that are happy when using technology during their work, many already used their own personal Smartphone’s and tablets while working. Feedback from customers about these particular staff members showed higher standards of service compared to those who only used what was provided. O2 have found that when employees have everything they need at merely their fingertips they often had lower stress levels and found it easier to deliver the correct information and reassure customers instantly. For the worker the day becomes easier which provides a more enjoyable and more relaxed atmosphere for the customer. Infrastructure is important in any business, O2 now recognise that status reports, morning briefings and regular updates are key to maintaining a high standard of service. They also allow for employees to make suggestions so that their life can be more enjoyable which will in turn benefit the public. O2 know that when their 4G network is released on the 29th August 2013 customer service calls will be higher than normal and it is essential that staff members can deal with these new questions in a calm, controlled manner. O2 are now devising ways to incorporate technology into their customer service teams, and are structuring new ways to communicate with staff members during, before and after work to make sure they are happy and service is maintained.

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