O2 News Update: 4G Available Soon

O2 Will Launch 4G This Summer

O2 News Update

O2 News Update: 4G on the O2 network could be available very soon, with the release of a brand new video advertisement that shows up rival, Vodafone.

Since the beginning of the year, phone company O2 have promised the release of 4G. However, we are now over half way through the year and the service is still not to be seen. Customers are starting to grow impatient and some even switching to another provider that has already launched the 4G service. However, O2 have launched a new online video that promised the service ‘this summer’.

The video is called ‘Fit for 4G’ and has sparked a varied amount of responses. The advert has a non-serious vibe and consists of two thumbs training with weights who then enter a ring to have a 4G fight. It is thought that the two thumbs, one red and one blue, symbolise rivals Vodafone with their signature colour red, and the blue with O2. Within the video, the blue thumbs wins the fight and this is to show that O2 will be launching their 4G service before Vodafone which is forecasted to be out later this year.

O2 are therefore hoping to steal Vodafone’s potential target market by getting the service up and running before they do. They are also wanting to catch up with EE, who have had 4G available for their consumers since October last year. It is amazing that no other company has launched their own service or ventured into the 4G market until now. However, O2 claim that their 4G experience will be well worth waiting for and will provide the ultimate experience to their consumers.

More O2 Updates

The company have also recently launched a television advert called ‘Be More Dog’ that cost ten million pounds, a huge investment into their upgrade to 4G. This advert consists of a cat who realises his lethargic life does not fulfill him, leading to him acting like a dog so his life will be more lively, exciting and a lot quicker. The life of the dog symbolises the 4G service and the way O2 think it will change the lives of their consumers. It will be clear if it is a success when the service is launched.

If you wish to contact O2 about your current tariff or if you wish to become an O2 customer and discuss the products and services they have to offer, you can do so through their customer services department. For all O2 contact information click here. Alternatively, for more information on O2 and the tariffs and products they have to offer, visit the official O2 website.

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