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O2 Customer Services

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Dial the 0843 178 2399 line direct for O2 Customer Services. It is open 7 days a week and offers help and support with all queries O2 related. Call now!
The official site is at http://www.o2.co.uk/

O2 is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the UK that has exceptional coverage over a vast majority of the UK. Originally BT celnet, O2 has grown substantially over the years to become a dominant player in the market. The O2 customer services department exists for times when consumers have an issue with the service and would like to speak to an operator to fix it. The O2 customer services are operational seven days per week which makes it extremely convenient when trying to call. Our O2 customer services line is available through a search engine search all day every day and we aim to optimize this so it displays high in the natural rankings.

We do not associate ourselves with O2 customer services, nor pretend to, and only supply a number for consumers to easily call the businesses they require. Please explore the rest of our website to view a range of different lines which offer the same benefit. Our numbers like O2 customer services are charged at the normal rate of 5p a minute which is considerably less expensive than other providers out there. Many of these advertise similar to how we do but exploit the nature of an alternate service when consumers need a number most. We do not agree with this which is why our 0843 178 2399 costs the same as the official number.

O2 customer helpline

We hope we have been of service to you. We suggest you save the O2 customer services line we gave you for future reference. If you decide not to, you know where to find us. Please either like us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter for updates.

The history of O2: O2 was originally founded by former CEO of BT’s Mobile Division John Carrington during the year of 1985. Carrington had enjoyed his work in the pioneering mobile world and his new company, Cellnet, was co-owned between BT and TSCR (Telecom Securicor Cellular Radio Ltd), with the latter providing the funds and the former offering the expertise. In 1999, BT decided to buy out TSCR’s shares in the company and rebrand the company as BT Cellnet, before eventually relaunching itself to the paying public as O2 in 2002. By 2005 the company had attracted the gaze of Telefonica, a Spanish telecommunications company who saw the potential in the UK market. The company was purchased for £17.7 billion and by 2006, the company was fully in the hands of Telefonica. Today, there are rumours of Hutchison Whampoa (owner of the Three network) purchasing O2, which could make for a very interesting UK mobile landscape.

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