O2 Customer Service Number

CALL 0843 178 2399

O2 Customer Service Number

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O2 whampoa contact number

The O2 customer service number is 0843 178 2399 which will give you all information on billing, contracts, pay-as-you-go, pricing and all general enquiries.

If you’re looking for the O2 customer service number we have it right here: 0843 178 2399. This is the only O2 customer service number you will need, whatever your enquiry.

O2 Service Number

Whether you need to speak to someone about your bill, price plan, contract or an upgrade, our one O2 customer service number is the only one you have to call. No need to dig out an old bill to find the details and no need to figure out from the website who you should be speaking to. Sometimes you do not want to have to spend ages digging out contact details and just want to speak to someone who can help. If that sounds like you then just call our dedicated O2 customer service number on 0843 178 2399.

Our O2 customer service number is here when you need it, with someone to direct your call so you can get help with any aspect of your O2 account, phone or service. If you’ve visited the contact page at www.o2.co.uk/contactus and have been unable to decide which number you should call, you can ring our O2 customer service number for just 5p per minute and get through to the right person quickly and easily. Or perhaps you don’t want to send an email or online contact form and simply want to talk to someone on the O2 customer service number about your query. Whatever the situation, to speak to someone about O2 products or services, just call our O2 customer service number: 0843 178 2399.

O2 Phone Line Number

Just save this one number in your phone under O2 customer service number and whenever you need to speak to someone you’ll be put through without hassle. Whether you’re querying a charge on your bill, asking about your contract, upgrading your phone or checking which tariff you are on, our O2 customer service number is the only one you will need. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with O2 and could save you a lot of time and hassle.

Our O2 customer service number is available to all, but if you are not the bill payer please ensure you have their permission to call. We can make getting through to someone to help hassle-free thanks to our dedicated O2 customer service number.

About Hutchison Whampoa’s O2 Deal:

The UK telecommunications industry was rocked late last year as Hutchison Whampoa, owners of the huge UK network Three announced that they’d struck a deal to take over O2. It’s the latest change of owners in the long life of O2, who have gone from being a BT company to a Telefonica company, and will soon be a Hutchison Whampoa company. Whilst the company was bought by Telefonica for £17.7 billion, it’s now being sold for £10.25 billion, despite having almost 10% more market share than it did during the previous sale. That’s likely due to falling revenue per customer, thanks to healthy competition in the UK market. Regardless, with O2 and Three, Whampoa will have the largest network in the UK with more than 44% of the marketshare.

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