Npower News Update: Npower to Offer Free Boilers


This Npower News Update article has been sourced from uSwitch: Npower are enabling certain households to apply for receiving free boilers. The eligible households will be the ones receiving some forms of state benefits. Thousands of homes across the UK could benefit.

As of July 2013, UK homeowners or those who rent from a private landlord could be entitled to a new boiler from npower.

The plan is available for households which are eligible for certain state benefits, including State Pension Credit and lower income households receiving Child Tax Credits.

New boilers can generate new savings

Research carried out by the Energy Savings Trust estimates that boilers are responsible for close to 55% of the average annual energy bill. Installing a new boiler complete with an A-rated high-efficiency condensing model and heating controls could deliver savings of up to £310 per year.

A recent report issued by the Department of Energy and Climate Change revealed that homes which improve their Energy Performance Certificate could increase in value.

The Government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme (ECO) was launched in early 2013 and includes targets for energy suppliers to assist vulnerable customers in reducing their energy use. ECO replaces previous policies, including the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target and the Community Energy Saving Programme.

Preparing for winter

David Titterton, director of Green Deal and Obligations for npower, said: “We have been trialling free boiler installations in select areas of the UK and are now pleased to be able provide energy-efficient boilers for eligible households nationwide.

“Replacing an old boiler can help to keep homes warm and bills down, and contrary to public opinion, summer is the ideal time to upgrade your system and get your home prepared for the colder months. Thousands of homes across Britain could benefit from the ECO scheme, so we’re appealing to households that think they may be eligible to get in touch.”

By July 2013 thousands of households could benefit from free boiler installations. The installations would take place in the summer months so that households are prepared for the cold winter nights. This news will certainly generate good publicity, and it will be good to see households that are receiving state benefits get some more leeway financially. If you wish to get in touch with BT to enquire about anything click here.

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