NPower News Update: New Bill and Lower Tariff Numbers

Npower News Update

NPower news update: Recently NPower announced that they have totally redesigned customer’s energy bills and plan to cut the amount of tariffs available.

NPower plan to have both of these operations in action by October. Their aim is to be the number one energy company for customer experience by early 2015; they plan to do this by removing clutter to make the customers life easier. For the past year and a half NPower have been conducting extensive research by talking to customers about their current bill and how it could be altered and improved. NPower’s extensive research showed that most of their customers found their energy bill to be more complicated and confusing for the consumer than any other household bill. The research also threw up some interesting information. The customers tended to split themselves into one of two groups. One of the groups was known as the skimmers, those who just look at the amount of money they owed. The other group was know as checkers, the customers in this group preferred to study their bill to understand why they owed the amount they were billed. Checkers also wanted more information and detail within their bill where as skimmers wished for less. NPower have listened to this information and created a new bill which includes: the most important facts at the top of the page for skimmers, a detailed breakdown of where energy is being used, the cost of this energy and the price compared to last year, it includes a facts section for checkers which includes extra detail and information on how to save money, as well as much more.

To accompany the new bill NPower are cutting the number of tariffs they offer to four by the end of October, this will make life easier for customers to compared prices and select which tariff is best suited to them. The new range of tariffs are all fixed which last for one, two or three years depending on which tariff you choose, and a new standard variable tariff. The four new tariffs on offer are: A standard variable tariff, Online Fix (expires October 2014), Fixed (expires December 2015) and Price Protector (expires September 2016). Currently NPower is the first major energy company to be moving all their tariff customers onto Ofgem compliant tariffs. NPower have started this process much earlier than required and the process should be finished by the end of winter. NPower also plan to change to daily direct debit discounts instead on annual this means customers will not be tied to NPower for 12 months.

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