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NPower news update: RWE AG recently announced the financial records, such as operating results, for the first six months on 2013.

Within the UK RWE NPower’s operating results was down by 3% from last years to £176 million. This result is 3% lower than the 2012 result over the same time frame of six months. Domestic supply of energy was down by 12% from the 2012 result again over the same stretch of time. It is believed the domestic supply has decreased by such a margin because of government funded energy efficiency schemes being delivered to the public and an increase in network charges for energy.

Simplified NPower Tariffs

As well there is speculation that the new simplified tariffs for customers have had an impact on the domestic supply. Despite the decrease in domestic supply gas sales have risen hugely and has been pushed well into the second quarter of the year, due to the extended cold weather that Britain has endured this year. Regulatory and network costs also rose though this is believed to be caused by the efficiency improvements across the company.
In January NPower announced they want to be the best company for customer service by 2015. Following this announcement customer feedback and site reviews took place. After that a £200 million investment was provided to improve NPower’s customer service. Now after months of work, the RWE NPower customer service platform has been fully upgraded. Within the Uk NPower has 26 operational sites and is currently considering improving these sites over the next ten years. The improvements will allow for reduced costs and will enable for teams to be brought together rapidly and make effective quick, decisions. NPower has also started; minimising the amount of management layers that are employed across the business, bringing as many employees as possible into close contact with NPower customers. They have also initiated reviews of customer experience and process to try and provide the bet satisfaction possible for their customers. During this extensive process of try to improve customer service RWE NPower is also discussing with partners whether there would be other sections of the business which could also be managed to reduce costs yet at the same time improve the customer’s experience. If all things stay on course NPower have predicted that their customer service will be the best in the UK by 2015 and therefore will have reached their goal. Things right now are running smoothly and are promising good results for customers satisfaction and NPower economically.

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