Northumbrian Water News Update: Twelve Employees In Charity Run

Great North Run Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water News Update: Twelve employees in charity run. The Great North Run entrants were running in support of the company’s charity, WaterAid.

The twelve runners were supported by generous sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues as they undertook the gruelling half marathon run on Tyneside this year.  The intrepid twelve were part of a larger team of one hundred who were raising money for WaterAid the charity adopted by Northumbrian Water. The efforts of the fund raising team last year resulted in over forty thousand pounds being raised and this year was set to be on target to at least match this amount. Two of the runners were taking things a step further by undertaking the long course dressed as taps. This was to draw attention to the efforts that Northumbrian Water are making to improve access to water that is safe to drink as well as offering education on hygiene and sanitation in some of the poorest and most deprived communities of the world.

The adoption of the charity WaterAid by Northumbrian Water is in response to the situation that sees two thousand children in some of the poorest communities in the world dying each day because they have no access to safe clean water. The figures for those in the world who live without access to any safe water source is some seven hundred and fifty million which is about one eighth of the population of the globe.  A further thirty nine per cent of the worlds population, about two and a half billion people live without safe sanitation.  One of the company’s employees, Brian McVeigh was undertaking the Great North Run for the fourth time in support of WaterAid.  He  said that he thought it was a brilliant event to be taking part in and that he really valued the chance to help people who were forced to live in appalling conditions. He valued the opportunity to make life a little better for them in supplying safe water supplies and adequate sanitation.

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The worldwide vision of Water Aid is to supply everyone in the world with safe water and sanitation. The charities’ efforts cover countries in Africa in Central America, in Asia and in the Pacific region. Since its inception in 1981 it has provided over nineteen million people with a safe water source and since 2004 over fifteen million people with vital sanitation.

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