Pets at Home News Update: Pets at Home Feed Abandoned Dogs

Pets at Home Feed Homeless Dogs

Pets at Home News Update: Pets at Home feed abandoned dogs. In an alliance with the charity Dog’s Trust, Pets at Home will provide Wainwright’s food worth £2 million.

The well-known pet supply store Pets at Home have teamed up with the Dog’s Trust who, each year, look after almost one and a half thousand dogs at their eighteen rehoming centers up and down the country. The cost of feeding all their four-legged guests can be very expensive and with the current financial climate it is getting more difficult for families to afford to keep a pet. This has an impact on the number of dogs that are given up and on the ability of families to adopt them.

Pets at Home will supply the charity with two million pounds worth of Wainwrights dog food every year and additionally each dog that is adopted will go to its new home with a 2kg bag of the dog food, worth just under seven pounds.

The move to support the rehoming centers is another step in the drive by Pets at Home to support the adoption of unwanted animals. They had previously initiated Adoption Areas in stores that had helped to find homes for countless number of abandoned animals. Pets at Home are committed to ensuring that as many animals as possible have a healthy happy life with a new loving family that will give them a good home for the rest of their lives. They are also committed to giving all pets the best of nutrition.

The Dogs Trust have been quick to say how grateful they are to Pets at Home for the support and for offering them the chance to use the Wainwrights natural feed range that has been especially developed for each stage of a dogs life from the early puppy days through the adult stage and then with special preparation for the more mature dog. The food offers dogs the right nutrition for every stage in their lives and has a focus on keeping hearts healthy and aiding good digestion. It is aimed at keeping dogs weight at a healthy level and is also designed to support the immune system and maintain strong teeth and shiny coats.

Pets at Home News Update

All the ingredients of the Wainwright food system that Pets at Home will be donating to Dogs Trust is hypoallergenic and as well as being nutritious. It is easily digested and perhaps most importantly of all, delicious.

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