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New Look

New Look are a large clothing retailer operating throughout most parts of the UK. They also offer online services and delivery of products. Here is a review. For the New Look Helpline Number, click the link.

The following is a review by an online customer of the fashion outlet; New Look. The following is an extract from one of those customers.


New Look Updates

So I ordered from New Look on the 16th of May for 8-10 day international delivery. I am a super impatient person so as soon as they sent me a tracking number I tried to track my package. I was unable to as the number was said to be invalid. I waited about 4-5 days just to make sure it wasn’t still processing then tried to contact them through email. Both times I didn’t get a response. I had read on their twitter and here about people losing their packages in the mail etc so I was kinda nervous. 8-10 business days put my package here today or tomorrow so to make sure it wasn’t lost I contacted them through Facebook and received a response about 30 minutes later. Apparently they are unable to track international shipments. I have never ordered internationally so I do not know if that’s true but I took them for their word. The package arrived today and there was nothing wrong with it. The clothes are all nice and were SUPER cheap. They seem to be pretty well made too. All in all besides the tracking number issues and the delay in getting a hold of a customer service rep I am pleased with the company and will be ordering again. My only suggestion would be figuring out how to get international tracking numbers as it says on the package itself it was tracked so I think it is possible some how. Also, make it more clear on the website that it is faster to contact a customer service rep through their social media account than it is through email.

This was found from Trust Pilot at which has more reviews on similar companies and more on New Look. This customer states that they were relatively happy with the service despite the reviews it had previously had. The importance of customer service and branding have a rippling effect on the companies reputation.

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