Nectar News Update: The Increased Cost Of The Summer Holiday

Price of Summer Holidays

Nectar News Update: The increased cost of the summer holiday. Nectar has revealed that the cost of a Summer Holiday has gone up three fold since the 1960s.

The study, conducted by the loyalty card firm showed that top of the wish list for Brits was now ‘experience’ and that stacking up a tick list of experiences was important to us as a leisure pursuit, and gave us the chance, via social media, to have a platform to show and tell what we have been up to.

The study showed that people were entertaining at home a lot more in the summer and that this was popular due in a large part to the fact that people loved to barbeque and to be seen as a social and ‘in’ place to be in their local community. Looking at how children spent the summer it was found that in days gone buy where children would have been turned out and allowed to roam and explore and play where and with whom they wanted, the modern child has more structured activities. Figures for the nineteen fifties showed that children would be allowed to play out without supervision an average of fifty five times whereas in the twenty first century that figure had fallen to children being allowed to play unsupervised just twenty four times.

Nectar News Update

In the mean time the study showed that visits to places like museums, cinemas and theme parks have gone up to more than double the number of visits recorded for families in the 1960’s which were on average almost twelve and half days per family pursuing such activities. By 2013 however, the number of days out to this type of venue had risen to over twenty-four days on average for each family.

The changes in our leisure habits can be put down to socioeconomic factors in the main but can also be attributed to shifts in modern culture and in the ways in which people want to socialise and how they choose to spend the money allocated to the summer holiday period. That has changed significantly.

The changes in the ways in which we spend our free time are very interesting and show the changes in our society maybe more clearly than other factors. Tough financial times make an adjustment of what families do in the summer necessary as the constant challenge of giving the children an affordable fun time continues.

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