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National Grid News Update: Stay energy safe this winter. As winter approaches National Grid have tips for staying gas safe as the central heating goes on.
As people prepare to put on the heating for the winter, National Grid have highlighted the potential danger of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from which about fifty people die per year. For those in rented properties CO alarms and also regular checks by landlords are advised to ensure that no tragedy occurs. While the energy company are keen for us all to get the heating on and stay warm for the winter they have introduced Gas Safety Week in which it is hoped that householders will check that all their gas appliances are working properly and are ready for use when the cold weather arrives.
It is a fact that fifty people die and another two hundred have to be hospitalised due to the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning every year with a further four thousand visits to the accident and emergency department for symptoms that are the result of badly fitted or faulty gas devices. Knowing the symptoms of CO poisoning can mean the difference between life and death. The warning signs to look out for include feeling dizzy with a headache and then a feeling of breathlessness that if no action is taken will lead to collapse and unconsciousness. The symptoms described are all the more significant if all the people in the house are affected. It is also significant if you feel these type of symptoms at home but feel better when you are out, only to have the symptoms return when you get back indoors, or if things are worse when you turn on appliances to cook or to turn up the heating.
CO has no smell or any visible means of being identified so even if you have even the vaguest concern that you might be suffering from it you should immediately get out into fresh air and call the National Gas Helpline for Emergencies on 0800 111 999. National Grid operates this help number on behalf of the gas industry.

News Update From National Grid

Having all gas appliances serviced regularly and also ensuring that the person who is undertaking the servicing is Gas Safe registered can minimalise the risk of CO poisoning. It may also be a good idea to fit an audible CO alarm to the home. For renters landlords should provide tenants with a certificate of safety each year to guarantee the safety and the servicing of gas appliances.

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