Morrisons News Update: Many Families Stuck In Food Rut

Morrisons News Update

Families Show Little Menu Imagination

Morrisons News Update: Many families stuck in food rut. Morrisons have revealed that many of the UK’s dinner tables feature repeats of the same few meals.

The survey that has been conducted by the supermarket has shown that many of us show little imagination when we plan our family meals. Almost half of Britons have the same meals twice or more per week and over half of those questioned were still eating the old favourites that they had dished up ten years ago. And the most popular of the favourites that make their way to the dinner table time and time again is spaghetti bolognaise.

The supermarket is attempting to get the nation to refresh its taste buds and to try something a bit different instead of the old favourites that seem to make their way to the table a disproportionate number of times each week. Many of those questioned said that they did have a rota of five meals for weekdays that they stuck to. Almost half of the one thousand people surveyed admitted that they were stuck in a rut and sat down to the same meals week in week out and every month of the year. Busy timetables and hectic lives were the main reason for people feeling unable to be more experimental and sticking to the old favourites that they knew how to prepare, could do quickly and that they knew that the kids would eat. With only an average of twenty minutes for food preparation in the evening, families are condemned to an unadventurous and routine diet.

This is despite the current glut of cooking programmes on the TV that are watched avidly. It seems though that the culinary ideas on the screen are not making it onto the family dinner table. Half of those who responded to the Morrisons survey said that their cooking skills were just ‘average’ or even ‘below average.’

Updates On Morrisons

The research has been timed to correspond to Morrisons ‘M Kitchen Meals’ range although it seems that the most popular dishes for the UK are still the old favourites like sausage and mash and a shepherd’s pie. For the weekend a roast is still very popular and stir-fry’s are also seen as a quick and tasty mid week meal. Casseroles that can be put into slow cookers to be ready for the family when they get home in the evening and pie or anything else with chips is still on the top of most kids’ teatime favourites.

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