More Than News Update: Flood Advice As Storms Approach

More Than Flood Advice

More Than News Update: Flood Advice As Storms Approach. This summer More Than gave flood advice and now that winter is on the way we should all take heed.

As thunderstorms hit the UK in the summer More Than turned their attention to the problem that some households in the UK have with flooding. They issued some very useful advice to those householders who might be affected by flooding this winter. The first piece of advice is that householders should keep an eye on the weather forecasts so that they know if floods are forecast.

The environment agency was has a service called Floodline that is available 24 hours and also a website for the most up to date information on weather conditions that might lead to flooding. More Than also advise that the insurance documents that you will need to use if a claim has to be registered are kept safe in a water tight bag so that if the worst happens they are to hand with the details needed to make a claim. The pack should also include the helpline for the insurance company so that contact can be made at any time day or night, to get the ball rolling.

Preparing a flood pack is also a good idea and so is letting everyone in the house know where it is. Useful items for the pack will be a battery operated radio and a supply of spare batteries, a torch and a first aid kit with some changes of clothes warm covers or blankets and also bottles of water. It is also a very good idea to keep a charged mobile phone with you in the bedroom so that if the downstairs is flooded and you need help you can easily summon it.

Keep valuables and important paper work like passports and other document as well as medication upstairs and if you think flooding is imminent then keep the radio on to hear any advice being given. If water actually starts to enter the building, that is the time that you will need to turn off the electricity and gas at the main fuse board. As soon as flooding starts call your insurance company so that they know what is happening.

More Than News Update

This is very useful advice from More Than and will be a great starting point for anyone unfortunate enough to be affected by flooding this winter.

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