Microsoft News Update: Microsoft Slow on Phones

Microsoft News Update

Microsoft Slow On the Blower

Microsoft News Update: Microsoft Slow on Phones. Departing chief Steve Ballmer admits that the company was slow to react to the era of the smartphone.
Mr Ballmer, in a speech given to an audience of analysts and Wall Street investors made the admission that Microsoft had not been up to speed with the evolving mobile phone market. He put the blame for the company’s short fall in this area due to the fact that they had been focusing on the development of the Windows operating system. The CEO did add however that the company was now working on some exciting and significant areas of development in mobile phone technology. In this respect the departing CEO said that the company had recently completed the purchase of the mobile phone sector of Nokia in a move that will add impetus to its advance of the phone platform being developed by Windows.
The products that are produced by Apple such as the iPhone and the iPad currently dominate the mobile phone market. Google too have a thriving Android platform that has been adopted by many manufacturers such as LG and Samsung who have adopted it to power the devices that they offer. In comparison to these market leaders Microsoft comes in a very poor third in the market. Mr Ballmer said that he did have to admit with regret that there was a time at the beginning of the twenty first century when focus on the Windows products that were being developed meant that not enough of the manpower of the company had been deployed into mobile phone development. This had cost the company a possible lead in mobile phone technology.
Mr Ballmer added that starting from the lowest rung of the innovation ladder the only way for Microsoft was up and Microsoft are due soon to unveil the second generation of its surface tablet, although the first Surface that was released in October in 2012 has not made much impression on the market. In fact sales had been so poor that Microsoft had had to write off five hundred and sixty million pounds worth of the unsold Surface stock. The CEO said that it was a simple case of having manufactured more stock than they could sell On Monday, the company will unveil the second generation of its Surface tablet.

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There has been speculation that this failure had a role to play in the departure of the CEO whose replacement has not yet been announced.

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