McDonalds: Zero Hour Contracts for Burger Giants Staff

McDonalds News Update

McDonalds admit Zero Hour Contracts

McDonalds News Update: Zero hour contracts for burger giant’s staff. The fast food giant admits that many staff have no guaranteed work or stable income.
As controversy continues about the so called ‘zero hour’ contracts that do not offer any guaranteed work or any regular income to those on them, McDonalds have admitted that ninety per cent of its staff are on this type of contract. With a ‘zero hour’ contract employees are expected to be available to work shifts when they are needed but as the contract is for zero hours a week the employer has no obligation to use the services of the staff member and has no obligation to pay a set or regular wage while they benefit from having manpower availability on demand.
As a huge employer world wide it would be nice if a company like McDonalds could lead the way and take the lead in offering those on zero hour contracts a regular and set hourly work allocation, especially where some staff are regularly working twenty to thirty hours per week and that being the case, should be entitled to a proper contract.
In reply McDonalds have said that when staff were taken on at any of the company’s operations and restaurants they were asked to say what days they were available to work and that all those employed on zero hour contracts were told of the shifts they were needed for well in advance. A spokesman for the company said that being on a zero hour contract did not affect the other company benefits that employees received such as life assurance and access to training, the taking of further industry qualifications and to discounts that applied specifically to employees. The spokeswoman also said that staff were never asked to be ‘on call’ and that the style of work suited many people who had study or childcare commitments.

Updates On McDonalds

McDonald’s employees ninety two thousand staff in their fast food restaurants in the UK and in common with other similar food outlets has relied heavily on the zero contract way of working from the time that the first of its restaurants was opened in the UK in 1974. Other fast food outlets such as Subway also use zero contracts. On the flip side of the coin however, Pret a Manger offer all those employed on zero hour contracts a minimum of eight hours work per week.

Call the McDonals contact number via the following link. Visit the official website by clicking here.

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