MasterCard News Update: The ProBono Challenge

Mastercard ProBono Scheme

MasterCard News Update: The ProBono is a Challenge being undertaken with the Taproot Foundation where volunteers give their time and expertise to others.

Some of the organisations taking up the challenge are The Girl Scouts of the USA, ACCION East, Junior Achievement of Greater New York the Women’s; Enterprise Development Centre and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship at the headquarters of MasterCard in Purchase New York State. The volunteers weighed in with expertise and help according to their own specialty and the enterprises included building a strong business plan to making effective technology strategy and helping with financial modelling.

The Taproot site followed the event and their blog gave the details of what the non profit participants had brought to the event. The organisers commented that they had been extremely impressed with the high level of the expertise that was offered and the commitment that those taking part had shown in offering help and support to the organisation.

He said that the experience had been priceless with a golden opportunity to get really experienced and knowledgeable people working on business problems and offering the kind of help that they could not have ever imagined they could access, much less afforded.

MasterCard News Update

It is always good to see that big business is willing to get their hands dirty and to contribute to help other organisations that are less fortunate than themselves. This is just one of the examples of the good work that MasterCard does behind the scenes with a strong focus on community and on helping communities.

MasterCard have a Centre for Inclusive Growth and that institution focuses on research and on philanthropy. With over a billion people in the world living in extreme poverty there are approximately two and a half million adults who do not have the benefit of financial services. The MasterCard Centre for Inclusive Growth has been created to support academic research and to provide investments strategically and philanthropically.

The aim is to improve sustainable economic growth around the world and offer financial inclusion to more people around the world. The Vice Chairman of MasterCard, Walt McNee said that economic growth on its own was not enough, saying that this growth must offer inclusivity to those who until now had been left out in the cold. He saw the opportunity to define the future as a once in a generation chance to lift more people out of poverty rather than leaving them behind.

If you are interested in participating, contact Mastercard.

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