Marks and Spencer News Update: New Depot Problems

Depot problems for M&S

Marks and Spencer News Update: New depot problems have been reported at Marks and Spencer’s new 900,000 sq. ft. site in Castle Donnington in Leicestershire.

The problems at the huge new M&S site have apparently caused so much concern for the company that the directors of the trading sector of the business have expressed their concern that stock passing though the massive storage facility may be compromised and affect availability in M&S stores. The site is one of three vast new distribution centres that M&S chief executive Marc Bolland had planned to be replacements for the now largely very old network of one hundred and ten smaller storage and warehouse facilities, from which stores are replenished. The site at Castle Donnington is designed to cope with and distribute general merchandising stock as well as online stock.

An insider reported that the problems being encountered at the facility, that was only opened in May of this year might well force M&S to fall back on contingency plans to help them cope with the crucial pre-Christmas rush.

Marks and Spencer News Update

The news of the problems being faced at the Castle Donnington depot came only a few hours after M&S had unveiled a new team of ladies to head the autumn and winter season clothing campaign.  The new leading ladies include the artist Tracey Emin, the pop star Ellie Goulding, and actress Dame Helen Mirren and are the company’s response to the trend towards using women with more ‘real’ figures to advertise its clothing range.

M&S were remaining tight-lipped over the problems at the new giant depot and are well known for having shown fury in the past when such information leaks have been made public.  They said of the news that major problems were being experienced was merely speculation and rumour. The CEO Mr Marc Bolland has said that the operations that will be conducted from the Castle Donnington depot will be gradually phased in so that supply to stores was not affected.  He said that the depot was one of the measures that were being taken to modernise the business and to revive the company’s sales of clothing and of the other products that they sell both on line and in store.

Last year M&S blamed stock problems for its poor trading performance with claims that three times the amount of knitwear could have been sold during the spring if ordering and supply options had been better utilised.

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