Maplin News Update: Maplin To Sell 3D Printer

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First 3D Home Printer at Maplin

Maplin News Update: Maplin to sell 3D printer. The UK electronics retailer will be selling the first of the innovative 3D printers for use in the home.
It is not cheap with a price tag of £700, but the Velleman K8200 3D printer will let customers print anything they want using the 3d technology, provided that the item is below 20cm³. Potentially if the owner of the 3D printer wanted to have a new case for their glasses or maybe had lost a piece from a tea service, they could use the 3D printer to ‘print’ a replacement.
The 3D printer works by taking a virtual model that has been designed on a computer and then layers it in 0.5mm-thick slices of plastic so that an object can be built up. Printing a case for reading glasses, for instance, would take around half an hour. The Commercial manager of Maplin Oliver Meakin, said that he expected that families who had a strong interest in technology would be keen to buy the device. He said that he could see schools being interested in the new technology as well. He said that it would be nice to think that some children might be more interested in trying out the innovative technology rather than playing computer games. He added that the printer needed to be assembled in the home by the customer and that typically the whole assembly process would take about 10 hours.
The plastic for use with the 3 D printer comes in a variety of colours to include white, blue, black, red, green, orange, pink and yellow. He added that it was only possible to use one colour at a time with the new 3D printer. Maplin’s website advises customers that if multi-coloured prints are required then printing can be done in separate pieces and then attached together at a later point in the process. The cost of replacing the cartridges is thirty pounds for one kilogram of the plastic resin that is used. The size of the 3D printer is about the same size as a middle of the range laser printer.

Updates On Maplin

The cost of 3D printers up to this point in time has made them largely accessible only by the professional market. However, the Velleman K8200 kit that is on sale by Maplin has made the technology accessible to the mass market. The model was selected because of its impressive performance.

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