Telephone Number for Maplin

Maplin are a large organisation that sell electronic and other goods. To find out where your nearest store is call Maplin contact number 0844 561 5517.

Maplin are at the cutting edge of technology and offer a wide range of electronic goods to their customers at stores the length and breadth of the UK. The range of goods that are available at the store include in-car entertainment and satnav items as well as everything that you might need for computing and hard drive and memory devices. To find out more about their products call the Maplin contact number 0844 561 5517.

The number that we list on this website will connect callers straight through to the customer services department so that they are able to receive all the assistance they may need, instantly. There are any number of reasons that the Maplin contact number may need to be called, it could be a problem with a product that the customer has purchased from Maplin or it could be a simply enquiry regarding the opening times of your local store. Whatever the reason, the Maplin contact number is available to be called at your convenience.

Maplin Contact Number 0844 561 5517

If there is any problem with the goods that are bought from Maplin there is a full refund and returns policy in operation. If goods are purchased and the customer changes their mind then the item can be returned within twenty-eight days. More details can be obtained by calling the Maplin contact number, but Maplin will be happy to give a refund as long as the goods are in good condition and where possible in their original packaging and of course on production of a valid receipt for the original purchase.

There will possibly be a handling charge for this kind of transaction that may be twenty per cent of the invoice value but a minimum charge will be levied on any goods returned because they are not wanted or were ordered in error. To find out full details of the refund policy operated by the store and for the return of on line purchases call Maplin contact number 0844 561 5517.

In the case of goods being incorrect or faulty when they are purchased or if they are incorrect then a full refund will be given. It is comforting to know that when you buy goods if there is a change of plan or if the goods turn out to be faulty then there are measures in place to ensure that we can get the matter sorted out and our money refunded or the goods replaced by Maplin. To get directions to your nearest store is call Maplin contact number 0844 561 5517.

Calls to the Maplin contact number are charged at 7p per minute when the over 18 year old caller uses a BT landline to place the call. Charges may be greater if a different landline provider is used, or a mobile phone.

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