Manchester Airport News Update: Holiday Makers Strip at Security Gate

manchester airport topless protest

Manchester Airport News Update: Holidaymakers strip at security gate. Two women aged forty-eight and fifty-one stripped off at an airport security gate.

The two women who had been queuing at security were asked to remove their belts and coats by officers doing searches. The women caused a furore as they went further and began to strip off all their clothes. The impromptu stripteases, however, have earned the women a day in court. The latest case of stripping comes just a few weeks after another incident that involved an ex postman who stripped his clothes off on the runway and had to be Tasered into submission.

In the latest case, the security staff did not know which way to look as one of the female passengers Anne Chadwick stripped down to just her bra. Her friend Kelley Hadfield-Hyde was once an airhostess and is now titled after she married a Lord. She did not stop at her bra and paraded around the security hall at Manchester Airport, topless.

Magistrates at Trafford Court were told that the pair had ranted at staff and used very foul language before the police were able to put them under arrest. Penalty notices were issued and at first the pair accepted them. However they later changed their minds and requested to have their case heard in court where Chadwick pled guilty to the offence but in an unusual trial where she defended herself she told the court that a security officer had ordered her to remove all her clothes. The case was told that in December of last year the pair had shared a bottle of wine before a flight to Malaga at 6.15 am.

Manchester Airport News Update

The security officer concerned said that he had asked the two women to remove their belts and their coats and the next thing he knew they had begun to strip. Another of the security staff said that the two women had been using the family lane queue and that she felt it was even more disgraceful that they should have behaved in this way in front of children.

Chadwick and Hadfield-Hyde were both found guilty of exhibitionism and told that their behaviour had been offensive and that their digs at the security officers that suggested they were overly officious and had told them to strip were unjust. Both were fined for the exhibitionist behaviour and for causing distress and alarm to other passengers and to the airport staff.

Contact Manchester Airport for more information on anything detailed here.

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