Manchester Airport News Update: Family Left At Airport

Manc Airport News Update

Taxi Booked Did Not Bring Family Home From Airport

Manchester Airport News Update: Family left at airport. In a row a family has complained that the taxi they booked could not fit their luggage in the boot.
The family had been returning from holiday in Spain to Manchester airport. They had booked a taxi for the parents and one child to be taken from the airport to their home in Wigan.
The father of the family claimed that he had booked a private hire taxi from Blue Star Taxis only to be kept waiting for half an hour when the family arrived back from holiday at the airport. When the taxi driver eventually found the family the luggage they had with them would not fit in the taxi’s boot and the taxi drove away, leaving the three stranded.
Faced with the complaints levelled at them by the family the taxi frim have strongly defended the driver who came to pick them up from Manchester airport saying that the complaints about his behaviour towards the family were unfounded as he had offered to put the case that would not fit into the boot onto the front seat, an option that the family had apparently refused.
The father of the family that arrived at Manchester Airport, Mr Pimblett, 40, however maintained that once they had got out of the airport there was no sign at all of the taxi that had been booked. He admitted that he had had texts from the company letting them know that the taxi was on its way and then again he was informed that the taxi had arrived, but despite this it did take some time for the driver to find the family. He said that they had tried to fit the suitcase in the boot by removing the parcel shelf but that did not work. According to Mr Pimblett the driver then said that he would have to go and call his office following which he left. The family were then faced with a hefty bill of eighty seven pounds to be taken home to Wigan from Manchester Airport.

Updates On Manchester Airport

The taxi firm however have disputed the Pimblett’s account of what happened as described by Mr Pimblett explaining that the family had booked a saloon car for their journey home from Manchester Airport rather than an estate car, that was slightly more expensive but that was designed for and would have accommodated their luggage with ease.

To contact Manchester Airport, call via the following link

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