Make 2013 The Year To Improve Customer Service

Most companies have adequate customer service teams and plans in place to tackle any problems and answer queries as soon as possible. But that does not mean they do not have to improve.

Everyone will have at least one story about poor customer service they received from a company they dealt with. It might be an automated phone menu that took forever to connect to a real person, or an email or social media message that was not answered for days.

What many of these situations have in common is that a company representative was not available to answer queries quickly enough or in a way that suited the customer.

And this is a key area that businesses can improve upon quickly.

Providing a timely response to customer communications should not be an insurmountable challenge. Simplifying phone lines so that callers can get hold of a real person as quickly as possible and sending automated replies to emails outlining a timeframe for a response can go a long way towards improving perceptions of customer services.

And these days social media has a big part to play in customer services. Many customers will head to Twitter or Facebook to vent frustrations, but if you are not represented on the site you could be missing out on a massive opportunity. However, firms must realise that simply having a social media profile is not enough – it must be used properly and any mentions or problems raised on them should be dealt with. Take time to train staff on best practice in social media customer services and ensure they are up-to-speed with the company’s latest developments, problems and challenges so they can always provide honest, open answers to customer queries.

By taking time to assess their customer service strategies and put new measures in place for areas where they are not meeting customer expectations, businesses can make 2013 the year when the customer experience really makes a difference. Having a proper plan in place for customer service teams will make their jobs easier and ensure that they can properly assist your customers no matter what their query.

Horror stories will always happen and each company will face at least one customer service disaster in their time, and unfortunately social media means these will often attract a lot of attention. But dealing with them in the right way and learning from the experience businesses can maintain a strong reputation in their field.

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