LOVEFiLM News Update: LOVEFiLM Put The Frighteners On

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LOVEFiLM News Update: LOVEFiLM put the frighteners on as their survey reveals fans vote Hannibal Lecter the villain who scares them the most at the movies.

The supremely scary Dr. Lecter from the famed American thriller film The Silence of the Lambs received the vote for the scariest character on our screens. LOVEFiLM carried out a poll of two thousand of the film fans and the very articulate and thoroughly evil Dr. Hannibal Lecter secured the number one spot in the ‘scariest’ poll. He had a massive twenty five per cent of the vote.

Who can forget the scenes of him in prison and the measures that had to be taken including the scary mask that had been designed as a necessary measure to contain the cannibal? It may not seem possible but during the entire film Hannibal Lecter spends only sixteen minutes on the screen but despite this very brief appearance he went straight to the number one spot in the ‘most scary’ category.

LOVEFiLM awarded second position to the very creepy Freddy Krueger who was the main character in the film Nightmare on Elm Street. This film is one of the scariest and it has given nightmares to many of its fans over the years. The Character of Freddy Krueger was created by Wes Craven and is depicted by a clawed hand. Freddy was scary enough to claim twelve per cent of the vote for being the most scary movie character.

LOVEFiLM News Update

Third place went to Chucky who got nine per cent of the vote for being a dangerous and potty-mouthed doll in the film Child’s Play. And it was another diminutive baddy that got the fourth place and that was Damien from the film, The Omen. Damien got seven per cent of the vote.

The Shining has remained a popular film to this day and the star Jack Torrance, who was played by Jack Nicholson was a very compelling and chilling villain. In the film Jack is a writer who is trying to give his family a fresh start and gets a job as a caretaker at a Hotel in the mountains that is shut up for the winter. The viewer watches as the man gradually goes insane and eventually embarks on a killing spree. The horror of this film gave its star six per cent of the vote.

In sixth place is one of the classics the very scary Norman Bathes from the Hitchcock film Psycho. Most people will remember the first time they saw the film and the chilling music that set the atmosphere.

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