LOVEFiLM News Update: LOVEFiLM and Samsung Connect

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LOVEFiLM News Update: LOVEFiLM and Samsung Connect to offer LOVEFiLM Instant, streaming for Samsung Internet Blu-ray players and smart connected TVs.

One of the largest film and TV entertainment providers LOVEFiLM has announced that it has produced an app that will enable more features to be accessed by users. This will include star ratings and the ‘More Like This’ titles as well as the Watch list that allows a viewer to identify and save videos that they want to watch to be viewed at a later date. It will also have a feature that has been enhanced to offer suggestions to viewers that have been worked out and based on an individual’s previous viewing history of various TV shows and feature films.

LOVEFiLM also have on offer smart lists that can be compiled to include headings such as ‘Your TV Shows’ and also a ‘Recently Watched’ list that will be available to all members so that they can better organise their viewing. As well as these functions there is a simple and effective stop and resume function that means that if a film has only been half watched, it can effectively be stopped at the point that the viewer was watching it and resumed at a later date without the hassle of having to forward to the point at which the film or TV series was last viewed.

Now the next generation Instant app has been developed specially for use with Smart Samsung TV and the Blu-ray function and is now available for download from the Samsung Smart hub for members. This innovation is the latest phase of the continued roll out of the app to all platforms that support it.

In other news the Amazon Company announced that they had struck a deal with Warner Brothers Distribution to bring a new choice of animated content aimed at children on to the instant streaming service. Batman is one of the offerings and the whole series is on offer from 1992 to 2011. Another superhero, Superman makes an appearance too. These series, between them, offer hundreds of hours of super hero viewing for fans. Thundercats both from the original series in 1980 as the 2011 series are also being made available.

LOVEFiLM News update

The introduction of the superhero’s series will be as welcome to nostalgic adults as they are to younger viewers and are part of the commitment by LOVEFiLM to innovate and delight their members.

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