Littlewoods News Update: No Bedtime Stories For A Third Of Kids

Reading Bedtime Stories

Littlewoods News Update: No bedtime stories for a third of kids. It has been found that many kids never get a story read to them and prefer toys or the TV.

Not such a happy ending for children and bedtime stories Littlewoods research has revealed.  While the average child does have a bedtime story read to them three times a week, around forty seven per cent of the children asked said they would rather play with toys or watch the TV than be read a story by a parent.

It is a far cry from times gone by when the day would almost always end with a child being read a bedtime story.  Now however things are very different and a third of parents of children under seven who were asked about bedtime habits said that they never read to their child.  Even amongst those parents that are in the habit of reading with their youngsters only just over twenty per cent said that they were in the habit of reading a bedtime story.   A further four per cent of children do not even own a single book.

Littlewoods News Update

On line retailer Littlewoods has got behind Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten to attempt to get children back into the reading habit and bring back a book at bedtime.  The reasons given for parents not reading a book to their child at bedtime varies from not having the time or simply being too stressed.   As part of the initiative Littlewoods have launched a competition for the under sevens in which they will make up a story and illustrate it.    The entry that is judged to be the winner will then be turned into an audio book and will be narrated by Natasha who said that she could not wait to see what ideas the children who entered the competition would come up with.

A Littlewoods representative said that it was hoped that by getting children involved in the competition, more interest could be stirred up amongst children and their parents to get them into the habit of reading, especially at bedtime.

So apart from the extensive range of goods being offered but the on line retailer there will be plenty to celebrate this autumn as the results of the competition are announced and as it is hoped that even more children will start to enjoy the relaxing routine of reading a book at bedtime

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