Littlewoods News Update: First Annual Profit in a Decade

Littlewoods First Profit in a decade

Littlewoods News Update: First annual profit in a decade. The profit was announced from Very as well as Littlewoods with pre tax profits of 6.6 million.

The healthy bottom line is thought to be due to the increasing sales of tablet computers and mobile phones that have gone a long way to helping the Very and Littlewoods brands towards their impressive results and the first profit that they have seen in ten years. The impressive £6.6 million profit is in comparison to over fifty seven and a half million pounds los that was recorded just one year earlier.

Offering glamour and celebrity endorsement to the brand Myleen Klass and Fearne Cotton have also boosted performance with a rise in sales to over one and a half million pounds. The company, that is based in Liverpool, said the digital revolution had led to on line sales accounting for eighty one per cent of sales between this July and September which was an increase of seventy eight per cent earlier this year and seventy five per cent in 2012. A figure of thirty eight per cent sales in mobile devices accounted for the rise and this compared to twenty per cent in 2012.

And Littlewoods have not been slow in picking up the chance to deliver having delivered almost twenty six million parcels over the financial year that contained over forty five million products. Littlewoods chief executive officer Alex Baldock said the profit that had been enjoyed was a milestone in the digital progress of the firm and represented a very solid platform from which the company could move forward. He said that the position that Littlewoods held in the UK market was a unique one offering very good quality goods to more people than ever.

Littlewoods News Update

The newer Shop Direct brands of Very and Isme, he said, would be the future of the Shop Direct brand and would drive the business forward over the coming years. They have started well with sales hiked by some eighteen per cent over the last financial quarter.

Many of us enjoy relaxing with a catalogue and leafing through the pages to see what is on offer for the season. It is fun to plan an entire outfit from the pages of the catalogue and to enjoy looking at the fashions as they evolve year after year even if now we then move to the computer to place the order, rather than ring it through.

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