Lidl News Update: Rudolph on the Menu for Christmas

Rudolph comes to Lidl

Lidl News Update: Rudolph on the menu for Christmas. The discount grocer may find itself unpopular as it launches its campaign for Christmas with Reindeer.

Weighing into the traditional battle for Christmas advertising with the larger supermarkets Lidl is set to launch its campaign with reindeer steak that it says it has put on sale again after popular demand from its customers. The advert will feature the voice of Harry Enfield a comedian and the multi million pound advertising campaign will have its focus on the Deluxe range that Lidl produce. The range includes such delicacies as a whole cooked lobster on sale for just less than six pounds and even a Christmas favourite, a mini stolen for £1.99.

The advert that is very much tongue in cheek, includes a slight dig at the brands German roots. In the advert Harry Enfield says that if viewers know at small German then they should but the mini stolen for him this Christmas.

The advertisements for Christmas are very much a vehicle for the revamped products in the Deluxe range and will have on display a truly sumptuous spread that will include a Serrano joint of ham for just under forty pounds. There will also be a three fish roast for just over five pounds and even caviar with prices starting at just under £1.50. All these items are likely to be warmly welcomed by the careful shopper this Christmas who is looking for the chance to put on a bumper spread for a budget price.

Lidl News Update

However the offering of Reindeer steaks at just under eight pounds has made animal rights campaigners and parents far from happy however and they have accused the store of robbing children of the magic of Christmas saying it would be easy for little ones to spot the Reindeer steaks in the chiller cabinets of the store. So far however Lidl appear unrepentant and say that the Reindeer steaks are back by popular demand and that in previous years they had been very well-liked.

Although it certainly not the usual fare for our Christmas dinner tables in Britain, there is no doubt that reindeer meat is very nutritious and low in fat. It will be popular with the health conscious as well as those looking to take advantage of the good value that Lidl offers to all its customer at Christmas and throughout the rest of the year.

Contact the Lidl customer service department for more details.

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