Lidl News Update: Customers Prefer Healthy Tills

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Lidl News Update: Lidl have revealed that a poll of over 1000 customers has found that seventy per cent preferred to use a ‘Healthy Till’ when doing the family shopping.

Since the result of the survey Lidl have introduced double the numbers of Healthy Tills in response to what the customer wants. A Healthy Till is one that doe not feature tempting treats like chocolate bars and other sweets but instead offers healthier and more nutritious snacks like fresh fruit and juices with multivitamins. There have long been complaints by parents about the problems they face dealing with children’s demands for the sweets and chocolates that were right under their noses as they queued for and bought their shopping. And in an effort to respond and to help promote healthier choices Lidl has responded by introducing the Healthy Tills in all of their UK stores. They had started the initiative with one of the new tills per store and now are going on to introduce another in each of their stores Nationwide.

Lidl News Update

Since they first introduced the new type of till arrangement the store have found that take up of the till and the aisle that precedes it has been increased by one hundred per cent. This has prompted the store to continue to expand the Healthy Till option. There will now be two Healthy Tills in most stores until the run up to the festive season when tills will be cut back to one per store. Further expansion of the new tills is planned for 2014 when the position will be reviewed again. A Lidl spokeswoman said that the company were very happy to be instrumental in promoting healthier lifestyles and in responding to the wishes of the many parents who use their store. Lidl has also had more than five thousand entries to a competition that they have been running to choose a name for the cartoon characters on fun sized bags of fruit like pears, apples and bananas. The winner will be invited to nominate a primary school that will receive, from Lidl, vegetables and fruit for a whole week.

The competition was part of the Lidl response to the Government sponsored Fruit and Vegetable Responsibility Deal and demonstrates their continued efforts to promote healthier life styles and offer incentives to customers to choose healthier foods for their families. Lidl are committed to making the healthier food options more appealing to their customers, especially the children.

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