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Legal and General are a big Insurance company with a lengthy history compared with its on line rivals. Call Legal and General contact number 0844 561 1588.

One of the useful things that Legal and General offer is over 50’s life insurance cover. This cover is designed to give peace of mind to those in the older age group that if the worst should happen their relatives and dependents would not be left with funeral and other expenses to pay for. The cover is available for everyone who is aged between fifty and eighty years of age and everyone is guaranteed to be accepted. The company that traces its roots back to 1836 is one of the UK’s foremost financial services companies. For those who take advantage of the offer there is a very welcome voucher for fifty pounds to be spent at Marks and Spencer. Call Legal and General contact number 0844 561 1588 for more details.

The cover offered is flexible and includes a fixed plan that will pay out a cash sum if the policyholder dies after one year of taking out the policy. This sum can then be put towards paying unpaid bills or left as a monetary gift for friends and family. And the premiums start at the lower end of the age group at a very reasonable eight pounds per month. Call Legal and General contact number 0844 561 1588 for more.
Another option is the increasing plan that also pays a lump sum of cash at the end of a year of cover. With this plan however the cash sum awarded is adjusted each year to ensure that it keeps pace with inflation and has similar benefits to the fixed plan. Call Legal and General contact number 0844 561 1588 for more details of the increasing plan.

Legal and General Contact Number 0844 561 1588

There is no doubt that insuring ourselves is a very responsible thing to do. There could be no worse scenario if, at a time that your loved ones were mourning your death, they also had to contend with the expenses of a funeral and finding the money to pay unpaid bills and other expenses. It is also comforting to know that it is never too late to take out some modest amount of cover even if we have not had a life insurance policy running since we were very young. The policies that are offered by Legal and General will give a lot of peace of mind to older policyholders. Call Legal and General contact number 0844 561 1588 for more information.

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