Laura Ashley News Update: Laura Ashley Opens A Hotel

Laura Ashley News Hotel

Laura Ashley Enters Hotel Game

Laura Ashley News Update: Laura Ashley opens a hotel. The well-known textile brand opens a hotel in Hertfordshire in a foray into the hospitality business.
Everyone knows that the hotel business is a difficult business even for those who are experienced and who are major players in the hospitality business. But still despite all the known pitfalls of setting up and running a hotel there seem to be no shortage of people willing to give it a go. And joining their midst recently was the Laura Ashley group who launched their new boutique hotel, situated in leafy Hertfordshire.
Laura Ashley is more well known for the gentle and traditionally English designs of the fabrics that transport us back to mellower times and the era of free love and flower power in the sixties, the initial inspiration for the brand. But surprisingly and perhaps not known to many is the fact that Mr Bernard Ashley had already dipped his toe in the hotel waters with his own hotel that is near Brecon in Llangeod. And that was not all, he also was the proud owner of a Chateau in the North of France called Chateau de Remaisnil that after he sold it after the death of his wife, became a hotel twenty eight years ago. So this is perhaps the culmination of a long held dream by the Laura Ashley group who blamed the cold weather earlier this year for a drop in their fashion sales which dragged down the overall performance of the company’s returns for its home furnishings range. Despite being a tough performer over past years, this lower than expected sales of the company’s clothing range led to a 0.6% dip in the weeks leading up to June 2013.
Laura Ashley were reported as saying that they had seen a robust performance with a good like-for-like growth in the business as far as home furnishings were concerned, but that the fashion side of the business had put in a weaker than expected performance over the period that they put down to the fact that the weather had been unseasonably cold during that time.

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This trend, however, was a continuation of a weak performance by the clothing side of the business which had been reported as showing an almost 5% dip in sales on a like for like basis over the previous period to the end of January 2013.

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