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John Lewis news update: John Lewis has just launched their first home insurance TV advertising campaign to promote their home insurance products.

John Lewis has recently launched a brand new TV advert, which premiered on Friday 16th August. The advert was first shown on the companies’ social media pages before being broadcast on television the following evening. This brand new is the first of its type when it comes to John Lewis. The advert is promoting the new home insurance and home insurance products now offered by John Lewis. The advert only cost £5 million to produce and uses clever stop motion animation throughout to tell a story. During the advert over 300 John Lewis products can be seen, as they all move through the house and gather together outside bringing the family with them for a group photograph in their garden. The advert finishes with a slogan that says ‘If it matter to you, it matters to us’ for emotional impact. While filming the advert there were constantly a minimum of 10 animators of set to bring the house to life. John Lewis provides insurance for many different products such as pets, wedding, home, car and travel. John Lewis Insurance has seen +27% sales growth year on year since these became available to the public. This new advert however focuses purely on home insurance which is John Lewis’ best seller within their insurance range accounting for 67% of their insurance sales. John Lewis adverts have become renown for the music within their TV adverts and this time they have done it again. They have worked with the young singer from Scotland: Nina Nesbitt. Together they created a powerful version of the song ‘Don’t Stop’ by Fleetwood Mac.

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This campaign was made by Adam&EveDDB who are a specialist advertising agency, under the production company Blink. The advert was directed by Dougal Wilson who directed the last two Christmas adverts the most famous being ‘The Long Wait’. The campaign is due to last seven weeks. There are three different versions of this advert a 90 second, 60 second and 30 second national television advert. It is also being shown through the press and online through social media sites such as Facebook and twitter. The campaign was first launched online through social media sites and was aired for the first time during the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix advert breaks on Saturday 17th August. The social media aspect is being managed by steak who are providing the chance for Vine users to win £1000 worth of John Lewis vouchers when they submit a video of what matters most to them.

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