Intelligent Finance News Update: Intelligent Finance Left Out of Deal

Intelligent Finance Miss Out on

Intelligent Finance News Update: Intelligent Finance left out of deal. The future is uncertain for the finance company as they are left out of Co-op deal.

Intelligent Finance find themselves on shaky ground as they were left out of the deal which has seen the Co-op buying six hundred and thirty two branches from Lloyds. Intelligent Finance was a ground breaker in internet backing and was part of the Halifax Bank of Scotland when it was bought up by Lloyds during the period of the world wide financial crisis and was due to be offloaded as part of the downsizing of the baking giant that was forced on it by EU regulations.

Now it seems likely that Lloyds will be forced to close Intelligent Finance down a move that would see the demise of the brand that is twelve years old. Lloyds had commented that they had had discussion with the Co-operative Group and that the Intelligent Finance side of its organization would be included when business was transferred.

It is a said outcome for the brand that had hoped that their approach to internet banking would change the way that we managed our financial affairs and were one of the forerunners of the new wave of banking on line. The staff who work within Intelligent Finance will no doubt be very worried but have been told that for the time being it will be business as usual while a decision on the future of the brand is decided.

Intelligent Finance News Update

The situation that was first highlighted in July of this year will be a worry to many and it highlights just how uncertain things in the financial world can still be. For those working in organisations that are changing and being sold and merged there will be a great deal of anxiety.

However the world of finance would seem to be a safer place after the regulations and the more responsible approach to lending and to protecting peoples savings and investments. The world teetered on the edge of financial disaster in the very recent past and it will be foremost in the minds of many that this situation cannot be allowed ever to happen again.

While the future of Intelligent Finance is still to be decided there will be many other organisations that will face similar challenges in the future. It is to be hoped that the greater understanding made possible by the recent world financial crisis will prevent any further major problems.

Please use the Intelligent Finance contact number to speak with a member of their customer services team about the opportunities that are on offer from them.

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