HTC News Update: Bluetooth For Larger Phones

Smaller version of HTC launched

HTC News Update: Bluetooth for larger phones. HTC launch the mini+ a Bluetooth handset as well as a remote for use with bigger phones, for hands on action.

As smartphones seem to be inching up in size the idea of walking around with them clasped to our ears is starting to look a little bit silly. HTC have a five inch Butterfly model that on second thoughts they may be thinking is a little on the unwieldy side in todays sleek and minimalist technological climate. In answer to this conundrum of getting the right technology to fit into an optimally small receptacle they have launched the HTS mini+.

The device is small and neat and resembles a sort of minimalistic remote control. It works by being connected to the HTC smartphone that you already have and will then be the smaller and neater device that you will hold to your ear when you need to answer or make a call. This move is a welcome one and the theory of it is indeed likely to be a welcome one as the user is able to use something small and light that will not make their wrist ache after a five-minute conversation. It will then be the more convenient thing to use while the bigger phone or phablet remains tucked away out of sight in a pocket.

HTC News Update

The idea, although it is good, is not ground breaking even from within the design stables of HTC who in the past have given us the HTC mini device that has been around for some time now. However as the popularity of the smaller neater device has gained ground the company have introduced new features and added the +1 to the original name of the mini.
Other useful capabilities are now offered as well as the standard offering with text notifications instantly and notification of emails and even events. The new +1 can be used as a shutter release and it can also, through an infrared blaster, be used as a remote for the TV. It offers multimedia streaming as well, through Media Link HD. Power point presentations are also catered for with a laser pointer that is built in and is sure to give the edge at any business presentation.

The Bluetooth range of the mini +1 also means that you could leave your base phone at home or in the office and set out with only the smaller device in your pocket. The mini will be released soon at a cost of £50. Click here to contact HTC for more information.

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