HSBC News Update: HSBC win Sri Lankan awards

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HSBC News Update – This article is sourced from Lanka Business Today: HSBC have won the accolades of Best Foreign Bank and Best Internet Bank in Sri Lanka. This has followed increasing popularity in the country, largely put down to the flexibility of the bank.

July 04, 2013 (LBT) – Banking giant HSBC has been awarded the Best Internet Bank and Best Foreign Bank awards in Sri Lanka for its continued growth in the island nation. HSBC offers its customers flexible international account opening service, technological innovations which include secured online services to manage investments and keep track of the cash flows, which in turn boosts efficiency and gives flexibility to carry out business from any part of the world. This is backed by strong and efficient corporate sustainability programs to help certain sections of the society.

International Finance Magazine Financial Awards makes a synergetic effort to shine the spotlight on organizations in niche segments and those exhibiting brilliance in the unsung corners of finance industry. The award winners will be honored in the vibrant and mesmerizing city of Dubai in December, later this year. The recipients of the awards have to qualify on stringent parameters which not only includes their size and performance but also their contributions to the society through CSR initiatives, which is a key aspect to gauge an institution’s performance. Christopher Atkinson, Chief Editor, International Finance Magazine said, “Sri Lankan economy has grown at a rapid pace since 2009. International Finance Magazine identifies some key performers in the financial domain who have contributed to the growth of the nation. Many congratulations to the winners.”

International Finance Magazine has also honored  Russell De Mel, CEO of National Development Bank for his contributions to banking over the past 30 years, the veteran of Sri Lankan banking, who is due to retire in August this year, has immense experience in banking particularly in merchant banking, infrastructure financing, management information and other areas of banking, as an honor to his services he has been awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Banking for 2013.

Commenting upon winning the award, Russel De Mel said, “NDB is indeed honoured to be recognised with the award for Best Commercial Bank in Sri Lanka from the International Finance Magazine, UK. This is the first time the bank has been awarded by the International Finance Magazine and the award justly recognises the great strides we have made as a rapidly growing banking conglomerate in Sri Lanka. Personally, being recognised with the award for the “Outstanding contribution to banking by an individual” is certainly an honour and a privilege especially at a very significant juncture of my life where I’m about to take my final bow from my career. Therefore, it is with humble gratitude that I accept this award. You serve an organization, not with the hope of winning accolades or being recognised individually, but to bring your inner most passions to life and serve a multitude of people with your skills and knowledge. However when your efforts are acclaimed with an accolade it bears witness to the fact that you have managed to touch upon the many domains of the business and industry; and of that I’m truly gratified.”

The winners are as follows:-

Best Commercial Bank – National Development Bank PLC, Outstanding Contribution to Banking – Russell De Mel – CEO National Development Bank PLC, Best Specialized (Savings) Bank – National Savings Bank, Best Investment Bank – NDB Investment Bank Limited, Best Internet Bank – HSBC Sri Lanka, Best Foreign Bank – HSBC Sri Lanka, Best Insurance Company – Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, Best Islamic Financial Services Provider – mana Takaful PLC.

As Europe’s biggest bank and with 89 million customers there is certainly no doubt of the prominence of HSBC. This article shows that the bank’s popularity really is worldwide as it wins Best Internet and Foreign Bank awards in Sri Lanka. For more information or to talk to HSBC representatives feel free to call on our HSBC number.

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