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Here are some top tips for a customer service department striving for excellence.

As with any business the customer is key, but how do you go about making sure this quality of service is maintained to the highest of standards? Here are some top tips on how to improve your service to help achieve these aims.

  1. Customer experiences. Companies often forget when selling the response at the other end is entirely subjective. Learning how to communicate on a level which builds a relationship can be determined by the tone of voice, attitude, terminology and much more. Remember, each customer is different but will fit generally fit into demographics or social groups. The elderly will be more receptive to manners, using terms such as sir/madam whereas a youth will be more impressionable to a relaxed friendly conversation.
  2. Formalities are often a good way to start the conversation but as you may have heard, consumers buy from the person, not the product. Picking up on certain cues and getting a general idea of the person that you are speaking with can lead you to build a rapport through common topic. For example, an elderly person may like talking about her grand children and a younger person may have watched the football the day before. Both these topics would be acceptable when building a rapport.
  3. Employees are an extension of the brand which can work to your company’s favour or against it. Friendly and efficient staff will generate leads and build the wallet share per customer through cross selling and upgrading. Unhelpful staff will not only potentially lose a customer, but that customer may then spread the word that they had a ‘bad experience’ in the hands of your company.
  4. In keeping with this, a happy employee will be better for your business. Flexibility over shifts, competitions with fellow co-workers and a pleasant working environment are just some of the things a company can do to increase the quality of their customer services and productivity.
  5. Good communication is key. Offloading call centres to foreign countries may save money in the short term, but retaining customers should always be 80% of your business. A customer that cannot clearly understand the person who is trying to help them will again reflect badly on the business. Overseas call centres also have a bad reputation for companies as it lowers the image of ‘customers coming first’. Looking to cut costs is part of a company’s business plan but not at the customer’s expense.
  6. Many customers hate the idea of an automated service before they are put through to an operator but the fact is, this information is very beneficial to a business. Through an automated service you can document the volume of issues, number of new customers a departmentalise most queries. This will allow you in the future to accurately allocate your resources to dealing with these problems.
  1. Identify a customer’s needs and your company will be successful. People don’t buy products, they buy a solution to the problem they have. A new fast broadband that undercuts the competition could have a variety of appeals. A customer paying too much on their existing broadband will be drawn to the low cost whereas a customer with slow internet will be looking for a faster router. Identifying this need when the customer rings and discovering information about their lifestyle will help you to understand the reason why they are calling and therefore allow you to tailor your approach.

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