Harrods News Update: Store calls for Kopi Luwak ban

Harrods Coffee Cat Ban

Harrods News Update: Store calls for Kopi Luwak ban. Harrods has urged tougher regulation after concerns about conditions in which civet cats are kept.

Although it does not sound very appetizing Kopi Luwak coffee is actually made out of the droppings of the wild palm civet cat. The coffee that is marketed as being the world’s rarest coffee has apparently led to some of the civet cats who produce the droppings from which it is made being kept in very inhumane conditions. Harrods who sell the coffee have urged that there is closer scrutiny of how the animals are kept. It is thought that often the civet cats are kept in battery like conditions. The BBC who had secretly filmed the animals living in cramped battery chicken like conditions uncovered the outrage.

Harrods have said that following the revelations of animal cruelty it had switched its suppliers and that it had also formed a partnership with The World Society for the protection of Animals, an International animal charity that deals with animal issues all over the globe. They are hopeful that by withdrawing their custom and putting pressure on the coffee producers that the proper standards of animal welfare will be met within the coffee producing industry as a whole.

Harrods News Update

In todays world customers and merchants are no long prepared to allow the produce they provide and sell to others to be produced at the cost of animal welfare. Harrods have always taken a strong stance on the subject of ethical sourcing and sustainability and have a wide range of produce that has great ethical credentials.

There is no doubt that Harrods have something for everyone and the food hall will offer up delicacies that might be very difficult to find elsewhere. It is a great place to browse and to think of what we might buy if we won the lottery. But it is also good to know that Harrods takes seriously matters of animal welfare when they consider the supply of the foods that they sell in the store. The work that The World Society for the protection of Animals do and the support that Harrods offer them as they do it may well go a long way to improving the lives of the animals that supply many of the foods that we eat and that includes the coffee that is made with the help of the civet cat.

Follow this link http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/harrods-customer-service/ and contact the Harrods customer services department for more information on stories such as this one.

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