Harrods News Update: Fraudsters Post Fake Harrods Jobs on Website

Harrods Fraud

Harrods News Update: Fraudsters Post Fake Harrods Jobs on Website. Courts have heard how the scam, worth one million pounds, aimed to trick job seekers.

The perpetrators of the fraud apparently posted adverts for fictitious jobs on the Harrods web site in a move that was designed to trick desperate job hunters out of their savings a court has heard.

The gang, from Nigeria, had recruited the services of a British computer genius to write Trojan malware for them. The malware was then hidden in downloads of a job application pack for Harrods and were posted on the Gumtree website. Once the malware was introduced to unsuspecting job seekers computers it proceeded to access bank log in details and other security details that were then sent on to the fraudsters. Embedded on computers, the software copied bank log on and security details of those seeking work before forwarding them on to the gang, the court was told.

Once it had the banking and other details of the victims, the fraudsters emptied bank accounts robbing those affected of everything that they had in their accounts. Amounts that were taken varied between a few hundred and several thousand pounds, the court was told. Other accomplices were then recruited to visit the victim’s banks and withdraw cash or go on a shopping spree on line.

The fraud came to light when those affected who had initially fallen prey to the scam because they thought they were applying for a job at Harrods, complained to the store. The job seekers complained that after applying for the jobs advertised within the store and downloading application packs, their computers had been infected. Gregory Faulkener who is head of security at the store then went through the process of responding to an advert himself. He downloaded and quarantined the application pack and also called in experts in ‘phishing’ from America. Scotland Yard’s economic crime unit were alerted and an e-mail was sent to the gang warning them to stop using Harrods name.

Harrods News Updates

The gang however, were not deterred and went on to post a further four hundred and fifteen fake jobs. The police traced the unique IP address that had been used to post the jobs online on the free site Gumtree. Over nine months after the first fake job adverts were posted in late summer 2010 police began to make arrests eventually rounding up the whole gang, who were estimated to have taken over one million pounds in the scam.

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