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Business to Business Customer Service Tips

Customer service is the process in acquiring or retaining a customer through helpful service. A happy customer is a loyal one regardless of price as people buy products to fulfil a need. If the customer service representative has made this need more easily acquirable, they are likely to buy you product.

Across the board the rules for good customer service can be widespread but dependant on whether or not it is B2B or B2C can determine the way in which to approach this. When applying this, consider the following tips:

Win your customers – Ultimately you want your customers to be shouting you name from the rooftops. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool and it costs nothing. If a customer is dissatisfied he will tell 10 people, win him over and he will tell 3 people. People inherently like to complain, it’s human nature! This makes it extra important for your customer to have a high opinion of you. As most people only have an interaction with the product, the customer service element brings the personality aspect to the brand.

Multiple Channels – Channel choice is the most important aspect of both advertising and communication. Mobile communication may be perfect for a customer between the ages of 15-25 who are constantly connected to social media and texting on their phone but for an elderly patient who rarely gets out of the house, it would be completely useless. Some products are more neiche than others. By knowing exactly who it is you are trying to target will solely determine the channels.

Be Honest – When a customer calls up with a complaint, endeavour to really find out the core of the issue. Before looking to transfer the calls to different departments, ask discovery questions to find more about the product and how they are using it. This will be more useful for cross-selling later on in the conversation. A new customer equiring about a new phone may not know where to begin. By discovering in his lifestyle that he is a fisherman who gets poor reception on his current mobile can tailor a solution to his needs. This will also increase the bond between yourself and the customer and build an element of trust as they notice you are listening to their needs.

The Customer Is Always Right – A definite cliché but certainly true. A customer calling up will rarely know more than the customer service attendant on the other end of the line but even if the customer is in the wrong, the attendant should never lecture on why they are wrong. Instead, some helpful alternatives will show that you are not trying to one-up the customer and that you genuinely want to help them. Again, people buy the person, not the product. Would you be likely to purchase of someone you feel is trying to put you down or someone that is attentive and helpful?

Don’t assume the customer remembers – On following up leads, don’t be afraid to repeat what has been said in previous conversations. Like yourself, the customer will also be dealing with numerous things on a daily basis and will often forget details. By reiterating the previous conversation you are simply refreshing their memory.

This article was written by Richard Cowell, a content writer on the value of customer services for Customer Service Contact.co.uk. For more examples, visit our other news pages or try the Sky help centre yourself.


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