Halfords News Update: Chris Boardman Bike Launched

Halfords New Range of Bikes Introduced

Halfords News Update: Chris Boardman bike launched. Earlier this month the Boardman 2014 Performance range of bikes was launched and will stay at Halfords.

The Boardman range has confirmed that they will be selling their bikes in Halfords for another decade at least. Halfords sell about one million bicycles every year and they have announced that they will continue to be the exclusive retailer for the Boardman Performance Series of commuter, cyclocross and mountain bikes.

The bike brand’s cofounder Chris Boardman said that he was delighted that the partnership was being extended meaning that the Performance Range bikes would be in the national network of Halfords stores in the UK and would enjoy the support of the group. He added that two years of design had gone into the latest bike and that the focus had been firmly on maximizing performance and quality as well as optimizing design features through the range. A spokesman for Halfords said that the bikes had been a great success since they were first stocked in 2007 and that the future working with Boardman Performance Bikes would be an exciting one.

For details of the `Boardman range’ BikeRadar magazine will have all you need to know form the entry level bikes that are on sale through to the bikes that are at pro level and share a pedigree with some of the bikes ridden by the best cyclists in the world.

Halfords News Update

There has been a big upsurge in interest in the sport of cycling at all levels following Britain’s success in the competitive areas of the Olympic and Paralympic games and in other areas of cycling excellence. There is also a great interest in cycling for fun and to keep fit and Halfords are able to offer a lot of help and advice in that area too. They will also have all the latest and safest gear available to make sure that if the worst happens and someone is knocked off his or her bike their head is protected.

There is also a good range of reflective and other high visibility clothing that is a must for a cyclist on today’s busy roads. Halfords have a professional team of bike engineers to help with any problems that might be encountered and knowledgeable staff who can help the customer make the right decision as they purchase a bike, perhaps for the first time.

As enthusiasm for cycling increases there is no doubt that Halfords have all that you need to start out on your first bike.

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