Groupon News Update: Warehouses Purchased for Groupon Goods

Groupon Goods Warehouses

Groupon news update: the daily deals site has taken another developmental step in the form of warehouses for their newly established Groupon Goods business.

With Eric Lefkofsky only officially adopting control of the company from the ever-controversial and now ousted CEO Andrew Mason in the last month, Groupon are desperate to remain contemporary and relevant in this ever changing world of fickle internet businesses.

Under the control of Masons, whose role in the company can be succinctly described by simply looking at the company figures while he was in control – they lost 75% of their value – and his new business pursuit as a musician. Lefkofsky has already led the company into calmer, safer waters and the move to purchase warehouses to store some of the stock for their new endeavour, Groupon Goods, depicts how the company are developing to maintain relevancy.

These warehouses will form a network across North America that will allow for the daily deals company to branch out from the voucher system and into the same realm as other discount companies such as Amazon and CostCo. The new initiative will aim to rival these companies by taking those already converted to the Groupon way of thinking and just offer them a wider range of services.

They will strive to do the shipping of all of these discounted products in-house to reduce their costs and increase their chances of success in the market. This also comes as a retort to the companies who are currently struggling to keep up with each other as the demand to get their products out to customers at an ever-faster rate gets more intense.

Groupon News Update

In the same thread, the company have made several purchases of start-up companies that are designed to target more specialised customers and they have launched Groupon Reserve that allows the booking of tables at popular restaurants. This last business will then reach out into the realms of spas, hotels and salons and offer high-end, exclusive experiences at exclusive prices. Whereas Groupon Goods is looking to offer purely discounted products.

This expansion comes in light of the distinct drop in profits and even interest from the public after their first year of operation as a daily deals site – not all of which can be attributed to their previous CEO.

If you are interested in learning more about Groupon, their new businesses or the newly appoint CEO contact their customer services department and speak with an assistant. All of the relevant contact information can be found through the following link

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