Groupon News Update: Restaurant Reserve On Mobile App

Groupon Reserve On Mobile App

Groupon News Update

Groupon News Update: Groupon are updating their mobile App so consumers can make restaurant reservations quickly and simply with hopes of going worldwide.

Earlier this month, the online discount and voucher provider launched Groupon Reserve on their website to their United States consumers. It allows consumers to make a restaurant reservation to a large selection of restaurants across the country, over the internet, meaning consumers do not need to ring up the restaurant directly. Not only will it save the user some money on their phone bill, but it is designed to make the individual’s life simpler, easier and more efficient as they will be able to increase their productivity.

The website feature has proven to be a success and Groupon have now announced that they will be adding the reservation feature onto their mobile App. The App in currently only available for iPhone users but they are hoping to make the service available on iPads, as well as all other android phones. The App currently displays restaurants in ten states across the United States but Groupon say they want to expand to other states as well as other international markets in the future.

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Groupon have conducted a lot of market research prior to the mobile App announcement and have noticed that mobile Groupon users spend more than those on the web do, resulting in the planned targeting of these consumers. They have also found that Northern American users are the biggest spenders and mobile users of all. Not only will this new service strengthen the company, but it will also allow consumers to get better restaurant deals. Restaurants will be able to change prices in order to fill tables on quiet days or nights or in contrast, increase prices when there is limited tables due to a higher demand. Consumers who reserve through the App will also get a complementary discount on their meal, meaning they do not need to print off or find a discount voucher for that restaurant.

The company are one of the first to provide such a service and if it proves to be a success, we are likely to see rival companies developing the same or a very similar service. Discount websites are a large and quickly expanding market which also means they are highly competitive.

If you would like more information on the Groupon service you can call the Groupon Helpline or you can visit their official website for all the latest deals.

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