Groupon News Update: Movements to Remain Current

Groupon Ed Lefkofsky Mobile Apps

Groupon news update: Jordan Rohan, a Stifel Nicolaus finance analyst has looked at how the daily deals company are developing to remain relevant and popular.

Groupon entered the global market at a time when there was financial strife and no one knew quite how long they would last. The daily deals were something that people began to pick up as an opportunity to treat themselves or have a meal out for a special occasion while still keeping an eye on the money pot. Now that the world is beginning to recover financially there were questions as to whether they would remain relevant and continue to experience success in the market.

In recent times Groupon have looked to expand and this has included breaking into new markets. They do not now only offer customers the chance to pick up a cheap offer of a meal out or a discounted cinema trip but white goods (Groupon Goods), booking tables at top name restaurants (Groupon Reserve) and even holidays (Groupon Blink). All of these different companies that come with the parent company tag brings reputation as well as the promise of a decent offer with it.

Groupon News Update

Another major step for Groupon came when they removed their CEO, Andrew Mason, from power and installed a less fickle, more reliable man in his place – Ed Lefkofsky. He has ensured that the company move with the times and as Rohan has pointed out he is stream-lining the operations so that there is a clear direction for the company to move in and develop.

This is one of the three moves that Rohan believes will keep Groupon at the top of the game. The second is of course the growth of the American market as well as the European market – financial recovery is the key to company’s successes.

The third and final point that Rohan made though with regards to why Groupon have got the legs to keep pushing onwards is their presence on the mobile and app scene. The area was weak for Groupon under their previous CEO, with email correspondence appallingly low but they are now looking to concrete their position in the mobile and application circuit. By creating apps that customers can access on their mobile devices, Groupon becomes accessible not only on a 24/7 basis but also universally.

Travelling, even if it is only around the UK, can become cheaper as those travelling are able to research where is cheapest to eat or find entertainment and they can access Groupon on their phones and get the deals spontaneously.

If you are interested in reading more about Groupon, contact the customer services department and speak directly with a member of their team.

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