Groupon News Update: Groupon Acquire Blink

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Groupon News Update: Last minute hotel booking company Blink have been purchased by the seemingly perpetually unfulfilled daily deals company Groupon.

As another addition to their ever-growing business plans the Groupon Getaways dimension have added the Blink app to their repertoire. This app allows travellers to make last-minute bookings into hotels.

Blink are a Madrid-based company who work with more than 2000 hotel chains in eight of the biggest and most popular European countries – they have been acquired by Groupon but details of the deal have not been discussed.

Groupon Getaways aims to offer customers the chance to book any type of holiday they desire, from a last minute weekend getaway to an all-inclusive trip to Kos – they offer it all. They also strive to offer their customers the ability to manage their bookings both before and during the trip. The app, described as fantastic by Aaron Cooper Groupon Getaway’s senior vice-president, has been designed to help promote their services and push them to the top of the go-to list of websites for last minute bookings.

Groupon News Update

They offer deals on the best hotels, the most unique hotels, the most popular destinations and the quickest journeys to your next destination – anything you might need that relates to holidays.

While Blink are currently limited to European destinations and hotels, the acquisition by Groupon will look to expand across the globe in order to further their ambition to become the most popular holiday booking company.

Groupon Getaways was launched in 2011 and the new app will initially operate separately to its parent company as it establishes itself. Groupon Getaways has worked with hotel companies across the globe and have created travel deals across 48 countries.

The app, which will become ‘Blink by Groupon’ is dedicated to tracking down the best deals available when booking at the last minute and that is where Groupon and Blink combine their powers – the latter have established relationships with hotels who offer same day bookings and Groupon provide the deals side along with their reputation.

Groupon are striving to reinvent the look at small business market by diversifying the services they offer. Having started with the initial daily deals service they are now looking to offer the holiday offers, deals on electronic items and even the chance to book into the most sought after spas for discounted prices. More information on all of these services can be found at or through the following link

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