Green Flag News Update: High Winds Hazard

UK windy weather green flag warning

Green Flag News Update: High winds hazard. The motoring organisation warns that high winds can make driving very difficult, especially on exposed roads.

After the recent storms that battered the UK the motoring organisation Green Flag have being giving very useful advice to drivers about the driving conditions that can be expected when the weather is very stormy.

Green Flag interviewed an expert from the Institute of Advanced Motorists., Peter Rodger who had some very helpful advice for motorists who found themselves on the roads in very windy weather. One of the ways to mitigate the effects of very windy weather, was, he said, to try and plan a route that did not include too many areas of very exposed or high roads.

Motorists could also think about the possibility that the route they had chosen might have a high proportion of fallen tress and try to pick a road that had less likelihood of a tree fall incident. Being hit by a falling tree would be a very serious and life threatening event and being diverted by one might add hours onto a journey especially in the more remote parts of the British Isles.

Green Flag News Update

Green Flag said that the expert that they interviewed suggested that if the weather was windy and the car was being buffeted then keeping a very firm grip on the steering wheel would help. Strong winds are also quite often gusty in nature so it would be unwise to relax too soon.

It would be advisable, Mr Rodger said, to keep a firm hold of the steering wheel until the storm or wind had completely abated. He also warned of the dangers of passing large or high sided vehicles when the weather was very windy as there might be an unexpected and sudden gust of wind from the side as the vehicle is overtaken.

The expert interviewed by Green Flag also advised that if the weather was very windy then high-sided vehicles as well as cyclists and motorcyclists should be given plenty of room as they may be caught by a gust of wind and blown off course by side winds.

Keeping speed down is advised as is looking well ahead to anticipate any hazards that might be occurring. Postponing or cancelling a journey if the weather is very bad is not always possible but if a journey can be delayed then the roads will be a safer place for those who have no choice but to travel.

Contact Green Flag for more information.

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