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Green Flag News Update: Drivers misuse hard shoulder. Green Flag has reported that over a quarter of us put ourselves in danger as we use the hard shoulder.
Motorists who pull over on the hard shoulder of the motorway put themselves at grave risk, Green Flag has warned. It reports that over eight hundred people are killed each year either on the hard shoulder or in laybys. Just over a quarter of drivers have put their lives in danger pulling over onto the hard shoulder for reasons that are not emergencies. The most common excuses for pulling over on the hard shoulder included running out of petrol, needing the toilet or feeling ill. A worrying seven per cent of drivers have even ventured onto the motorway knowing that their car is faulty and likely to break down. And if you are caught using the hard shoulder improperly then even if you are not physically harmed you will be stung with a sixty-pound fine and three penalty points on your licence. Some of the other excuses for stopping on the hard shoulder have included needing a break, looking at a road map, making a non-emergency phone call or having a problem with an animal that is being transported.
Green Flag found that almost three quarters of male driver and just under half of women drivers admitted to having stopped on the hard shoulder at some point for some reason. Drivers most likely to gamble with their lives by stopping unnecessarily on the hard shoulder are in the younger age group of the eighteen to twenty four year olds and those driving in and around London and in Northern Ireland.

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The hard shoulder is a very dangerous place with vehicles just a few feet away going at great speed but it seems that some people just don’t fully understand the risks and do not realise that the hard shoulder is for cases of genuine emergency only. Green Flag points out that if a genuine emergency does mean that you have to pull onto the hard shoulder then all persons in the car should get out and stand behind the barrier or at the very least move as far away from the motorway as possible while they wait for assistance. Green Flag also warn that drivers should not even attempt the simplest of repairs on the hard shoulder. They should get away from the car and the road as quickly as possible.

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