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GlaxoSmithKline are a huge pharmaceutical company that are responsible for many drugs we are prescribed. Call GlaxoSmithKline contact number 0844 061 0501.

We often take for granted the drugs that we are prescribed from the doctor and take them without really thinking about where they come from or the research and development that is behind them. It is through companies like GlaxoSmithKline that many of the diseases that afflict us are treated and the work that they and others do is also responsible for attempting to eradicate some diseases in the world. Often we barely notice the name of the manufacturer on the packet of tablets we have been prescribed but without which we might be ill or even die. Call GlaxoSmithKline contact number 0844 061 0501 for more details

The development of pharmaceuticals is a high pressured and highly competitive field where each company, just like GlaxoSmithKline try to work on the next big cure to illness that will take the world by storm and free millions of people from suffering and disease. Work is tireless as scientists endeavour to work out what makes us sick and try to find a cure. Some medications literally save lives such as the medication given for diabetes. Without it type one diabetics would not survive and type two diabetics would soon suffer very dire consequences from their disease. Even the humble aspirin is a lifesaver working as it does to inhibit blood clotting. It is often given to victims of heart attacks and goes to work immediately in helping to clear blockages that are threatening the heart’s function. Call GlaxoSmithKline contact number 0844 061 0501.

GlaxoSmithKline are a British concern and as well as pharmaceuticals they are also concerned with biologics Vaccines and health care for the consumer. Their headquarters are in London and they are the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the world. They were formed in 2009 after a merger of Glaxo Wellcome and Smith Kline Beecham. They have particular strength in drugs to treat conditions like asthma, cancer and virus infection. They also specialise in drugs for mental disease, digestive problems and diabetes. Call GlaxoSmithKline contact number 0844 061 0501 for a full list of the medication they produce.

GlaxoSmithKline Contact Number 0844 061 0501

Additionally GlaxoSmithKline have a large healthcare division of the company that produces nutrition and oral healthcare products, some over the counter medication and drinks. Call GlaxoSmithKline contact number 0844 061 0501 for more on the ranges that they produce.

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