Telephone Number for Gatwick

Gatwick is one of the best known and busiest of the UK’s airports. To find out more about the destinations served call Gatwick Contact number 0844 561 0035.

There is something about the buzz of an airport and the exciting names and destinations that appear on the departures board. Whether we are flying to an airport in the UK or a short haul to Europe or taking a long haul flight to sunny climes elsewhere, it is always exciting to be in the lively atmosphere of a departure terminal. It is fun to people watch and try to imagine the reason for travel or where they might be going. Call Gatwick Contact number 0844 561 0035 for more details.

Nowadays travel is more complicated than it used to be and the threat of terrorism is never underestimated. It is possible to see armed officers patrolling the airport at Gatwick and security checks are very vigorous. Modern machinery scans all our belongings and there really is no place to hide anything from the x-ray vision of the machines that are in place to keep us all safe. Nowadays we take it for granted that we will have to walk through a metal detector and if the machine indicates that we have any metal about our person we will be taken to one side and patted down by an officer to ensure that we have no concealed weapons. And weapons do not always come in the traditional form of guns or knives. A pair of scissors or even eyebrow tweezers could be considered as dangerous. For a list of permitted hand luggage items call Gatwick Contact number 0844 561 0035.

Being quick to respond to any and all terrorist threats security dictates that we now have to take our shoes off too as we approach the security check and place them on a tray to be x-rayed and cleared by the security machine. This particular measure was put in place after a so-called ‘shoe bomber’ boarded a place with explosives in his shoes. For details of security measures call Gatwick Contact number 0844 561 0035.

Gatwick Contact Number 0844 561 0035

It is certainly good to know that no chances are being taken with our security as we arrive at Gatwick for our flight. It may be a little annoying to have to turn up three hours early for a flight but the added security that it gives every one who travels is surely worth it. Call Gatwick Contact number 0844 561 0035 for required arrival times for flights.

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